We Specialize in Small Business

As a small business ourselves, we understand the need for a cost-effective phone system that allows your customers to reach you no matter where you are.

Unlimited Local and Long Distance

All of our plans include unlimited local and long distance minutes to the US and Canada

Advanced Features

With features like an Auto Attendant, your customers can reach you no matter where you are.

Easy Pricing

Our pricing includes all taxes and fees.  Say goodbye to hidden fees or surprise charges.


Auto Attendant

Greet your callers with a menu of options they can choose from.  

For example:

"Thank you for calling ABC Company. 

For sales, press 1

For billing, press 2..."

Advanced Voicemail

Send your voicemail to any device.  Voicemails are emailed to you as an attachment.  Check your voicemail on any device.

Call Queues

Route calls to groups of employees, with options like Round Robin, Linear Hunt, and Ring All




VoIP phone line (hardware not included)


Business Package


Unlimited access
Online support
Intelligent reports
500 GB storage
Unlimited bandwidth

Bauman Interior Guide for Housekeepers

The nature of home automation devices can also be a problem for security, since patches to bugs found in the core operating system often do not reach users of older and lower-price devices.